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Other Enemies

I looked over the C.F.P.A.'s list of "Forces of Darkness". I believe that the list does list some pretty annoying and pesky enemies of the American lifestyle and tradition, but I think it is lacking some others. I'll list who I'd consider enemies of the State and true "Forces of Darkness" that aren't listed on that page.

I think it's not exactly over-zealous to say that Atheists are a Force of Darkness. Atheists of the extreme variety not only push the Far Left's agenda, but push that agenda especially in religion. They fight every aspect of religion in government, from the mention of God in government documents and sayings, to the display of religion in public by ordinary citizens. 

Satanists and Pagans also have shown to be completely annoying in their New Age agenda. Satanists such as those at the J.O.S. target disgruntled and emotional kids and push Devil-worshipping BS into their heads, along with crazy conspiracy theories. Also equivalent in annoyance to the Satanists are their counterparts the Neo-Pagans, since all the Pagan gods were demons as expressed in most modern demonology. Satanists and Neopagans attack Catholic and non-Catholic Christian churches throughout the country, and back the Far Left's agenda very powerfully in an anarchistic and secular-progressive liberal way. 

Pacifists are a nuisance to the modern Country and Church in the fact they advocate for being cowardly in the face of all the adversity against our Nation and Church today. The types who radically oppose the Bush Administration and the War on Terror, who go so far as to proclaim our troops "babykillers" as they did in the Vietnam War, or to proclaim the Terrorists "freedom fighters". These Hippies have caused trouble throughout the history of our Church and our Country in the past 100 years. 

I am supporting of Jews, and alot of my friends are Jewish. Jews are good people, who worship the same God as us, but haven't realized Jesus to be the Messiah yet. They are to be respected and seen as relatives religiously. However, extremist Jews have proven to be an extreme opposition to the Right Wing in America and the Religious Right ever since the Hippie Revolution around the time of the Vietnam War. Besides backing Atheists in attempts to super-secularize the country, they oppose the conservative agenda. They are the polar opposite politically to their Jewish brothers in Israel. These extremist liberal Jews found in our Country can be a nuisance.

Remember you can be proud of your race, but do not hate. Be proud of Christianity, but do not hate on others unless they have earned it. Pride without prejudice, and remember that peace is not always an option, and war is necessary. 

Hail R.I.F.,

FBGM - Hail R.I.F.

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I think Atheists could be credibly included.

Satanists are too fringe-y and it would be both beneath us a party and giving them credibility that they don't deserve to include them on the enemies list, although they unquestionably are our enemies.

I get your point about Pacifists. Pacifism is an empty, cowardly and immoral position in the face of evils that threaten society. It's just that there's no percentage in coming out against Pacifists. It makes you look like you are a crank, plus they spin it as you are "warmongering."

Hippies on the other hand, they are undoubtedly on the enemies list. Dirty drug-addled vermin who are dedicated to destroying everything decent about society. Hippies and "New Age" religious cults have done nothing but egregious damage to America and Society in general. They are the generation that spawned the Socialist takeover of Academia, the "Sexual Revolution" that has devastated three generations of children through abortion, illegitimacy and drug addiction. This is the most selfish, narcissistic, and amoral generation EVER, and is a segment of society that never ceases to cause shame and embarrassment upon the USA.

Extremist Liberal Jews, well, suffice it to say that they are extremist liberals. I think their Jewishness is more an accident of birth than anything. To say that they are "self hating" Jews, is corollary to the fact that they seek to re-identify themselves as secularist and thereby "expunge" their Jewishness. I don't consider them Jews. Jews love God, Jews revere the Law and defend Israel.

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